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An experienced retail executive, Edwin Shoffner has held president and vice president positions with six mattress companies in both North and South Carolina throughout the past 20 years. Edwin Shoffner studied psychology at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. A job offer from a fortune 500 company in his senior year kick-started his path to executive leadership.

Edwin Shoffner cofounded American Mattress Centers in 2000, and within two years, he had opened more than 140 Sleep Shop stores in Walmart Supercenters. After selling the company in 2002, he continued in his role as president and CEO of Mattress Man, Inc., a company he successfully navigated through two major downturns in the economy before selling all assets. Since 2013, he has served as president of Mattress By Appointment, a network of independent owners who offer discounted prices in 45 states.

Beyond his experience as an executive for mattress companies, Edwin Shoffner is active in real estate sales and holdings, which he manages through Shoffner Real Estate, LLC. A member of Greenville Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, he enjoys scuba diving in his free time and holds both advanced open water and rescue diver certification.


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